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Home Security

Why do I need a monitored, electronic security system to protect my home?

Because there are people who want to steal or vandalize your property and, most importantly, will harm you in the process if you get in the way.� A monitored, electronic security system is the most effective and reliable home intrusion defense and life safety system available.� Locks, bars and dogs can easily be defeated.� �Weapons are only as effective as their user�s skills and physical ability.� Neighbors are willing to watch but need their sleep and are not always at home. �With that being said, the most efficient electronic, monitored home security system is one that is professionally designed and installed according to industry standards and State licensing laws.� A licensed security system contractor or technician is trained and certified by a nationally recognized professional association.� He or she is, also, insured and/or bonded.� Therefore, he or she has passed a DCI background check and has demonstrated an established minimum standard of excellence.

For optimum system reliability it is very important to have your system professionally designed, installed and maintained.� For example, there are dozens of different types of motion detectors and door contacts.� A trained technician or knowledgeable sales representative can recommend the best type of detector for your specific home environment and lifestyle.� The same is true for other components that complete your system and for each component the designer considers the uniqueness of your home and lifestyle.� These are important considerations that effect the reliable operation of your system insuring you receive optimum protection and user- friendly operation while minimizing the chances for user error and false alarms.

Additionally, a state-of-the-art electronic �monitored security system starts with burglary and robbery protection and, also, provides a platform for integrating fire detection, personal panic or medical alert transmitters, outdoor protection, vehicle detection, gas and water detection, room temperature monitoring, �camera surveillance, door access control, plus, automation control of heating & cooling systems. Most of these elements can be remotely monitored and controlled by you, the end user, on-line through your smart phone or computer. Today, systems can be monitored over traditional telephone (land) lines, the internet or by cellular radio transmitters with accuracy and detail.

Even the most basic professionally designed and installed monitored system is far more effective and reliable than �boxed� systems. �Simply stated, a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all security system will not provide you with the optimum protection for your life and property and will, ultimately, result in, both, a shallow defense system for you and your family and more nuisance false alarms.� And, based on my 19 years of industry experience, once people start having false alarms, they, eventually, stop using their system.

Your home security system begins with a professional design and continues as long as you have it maintained.� Throughout its useful life, it is monitored by professionally trained emergency response operators at a UL certified monitoring station and, if needed, serviced by professional technicians.� When your home environment and family lifestyle changes, the professional service technician can make certain you are always protected and properly informed about state-of-the-art technology.

-John J. Hadley, President